Vitra unveils the ACX by Antonio Citterio

Developed by Vitra in Switzerland, the ACX is up to 100% recyclable. ​

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Weil am Rhein, September 6, 2023 - Today’s hybrid and collaborative work methods place new demands on spaces and products. Task chairs are used by different people throughout the day for varied lengths of time and users expect chairs to be instantly ready for use – a ‘sit & work’ approach in which no time is wasted adapting settings. All of these need are answered by ACX: the tenth office task chair that Vitra has developed with Antonio Citterio. Conceived with a strong focus on sustainability, the construction, materials, production, logistics and maintenance of ACX are designed to achieve a long service life with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

For decades, Vitra has been developing office chairs in collaboration with leading designers. A number of milestones have been attained in the process: Vitramat transformed the entire genre in 1976 with the first successful implemented synchronised mechanism, Persona in 1984 was the first office swivel chair with automatic weight adjustment, Axion in 1992 was the first that supported upright sitting thanks to forward tilting and MedaPal in 2008 was the first to be awarded the ‘Blue Angel’ environmental label, while the ID Chair Concept by Citterio is the most comprehensive example of a modular chair offering virtually infinite configurations. Now Vitra has teamed up with Antonio Citterio again to create ACX – his tenth office chair for Vitra.

Over thirty years of collaboration between Vitra and Antonio Citterio have resulted in a close partnership and shared know-how as well as an understanding of current office needs. In keeping with the motto ‘less is more’, ACX responds to customer expectations with regard to price, sustainability, comfort and appearance. ‘The idea was to have an understated chair, with a reduced backrest and a warm array of upholstery colours, suited for both home offices and open-plan workspaces,’ declared Citterio.

The ACX mechanism automatically adjusts to a wide range of user weights: even very lightweight or heavier-than-average individuals can sit down and enjoy immediate comfort and optimum support without having to adjust anything except the seat height. The control elements for all functions are seamlessly integrated into the panel under the seat, contributing to the chair’s compact design and uncluttered appearance. The mechanism is available with or without forward tilt, while the other features – height, seat depth, backrest lock and two counterweight settings – are always included as standard.

The design of ACX contains a limited number of components, which simplifies service and maintenance. The parts are made of recycled materials whenever possible and can be easily separated and recycled again at the end of the product’s life. Depending on the chosen model, ACX is therefore up to 100% recyclable. As Citterio explained, ‘The use of up to 100% recyclable materials was the single most important factor in the design process.’

The backrests of the ACX Mesh and ACX Soft models have a three-dimensional form-fitted knit cover, which is pulled over the frame, making it easy to exchange it, if needed. The knitted cover is made of 100% recycled polyester. The muted tones of the fabrics contribute to a subtle natural aesthetic with a slight melange effect, and are perfectly compatible with both the dark and light-coloured frames.

The compact ACX has a casual and relaxed appearance: with its clean lines and choice of knitted fabrics in a wide selection of colours, it functions as a design element in the office – instead of a necessary addition tolerated for the purpose of ergonomics. ACX is the ideal chair in any setting that calls for healthy ergonomic seating with an understated appeal along with a focus on longevity and compliance with stringent ecological standards.

ACX is available in three versions: ACX Light, ACX Mesh and ACX Soft.

ACX Light: ACX Light is the entry-level model in the task chair family and exists only in black. It has a standard netweave backrest cover that provides excellent ergonomic support. Combined with a seat in the technical spacer fabric Silk Mesh, the chair is designed to offer pleasant comfort and facilitate air circulation.

ACX Mesh: ACX Mesh features a knitted fabric backrest cover. This semi-transparent mesh textile ensures ergonomic support and optimum air circulation. It is made of recycled polyester in a choice of seven colours – which combined with either a dark or light-coloured frame enables numerous variants. The seat cover also comes in the same knitted fabric or in the textile Plano.

ACX Soft: ACX Soft has a padded knit backrest cover. This soft comfortable textile made of recycled polyester lends the task chair a particularly inviting appearance. Available in a selection of seven colours, the knitted fabric can be combined with a light or dark chair frame, allowing for a wide variety of configurations. The seat cover can be selected in the same knitted fabric or in the textile Plano.

ACX will be available from 7 September onwards. For more information, visit




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